Welcome to our pet world!

As pet parents, we always wanted the best food and products for our Persian cat Mitzi, as well a good treatment and professional grooming for her.

,,WITH LOVE FOR ALL PETS’’ we have created Pet Boutique & Spa, a unique Pet Shop for pets with attitude and caring pet parents.

Our website www.PetBoutique.ae has a wide range of products for pets like: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rodents, Reptile, Amphibians as well a significant collection of Aquatic supplies and Aquarium Systems. 

We know how important is to receive the order in short time. We really do! Thats way, we do our best to deliver it in the same or next day, so, your little pet will not miss anything.

Our Pet Boutique Shop, located in the heart of Dubai Marina, It’s unique industrial and modern design as well our professional team, will give you a friendly feeling and trust as your pet will be in the right place and in the right hands.

Your pet will benefit from highest Grooming standards, from our professional and certified Pet Grooming Stylist The grooming session will be an experience that even the pet parents will become jealous.

More than that, we offer pet sitting and pet walking service, so you can enjoy more free time for yourself and travel stress less.

If you have a sensitive pet that will not have a good feeling of being out of their home? We are offering home service for Grooming, Pet Seating and Pet Walking.


We do it from the heart ,,FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PETS’’!


We are looking forward to become your pet's 2nd best friends and your 1st choice as pet supplier and advisor. 


Cool regards,

Pet Boutique Team