Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Horse Pure (Pferd Pur) - 400 g

Dhs. 23.00

Happy Dog

100 % horse. 0 % plant-based additives.

Happy Dog Horse Pure contains nothing apart from 100% horse meat and offal (such as heart, lungs, liver or larynx). This high-quality wet dog food is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals and supplies your dog with everything he needs. We only use a single protein source, so Horse pure is ideal for sensitive pets.

For whom is Happy Dog Horse Pure suitable?
Horse Pure is made without soya or plant-based additives. The selected protein recipe makes this wet food perfect for pets with food intolerances. It is generally suitable for adult dogs of all breeds.

Need more energy?
Combine Horse pure with our delicious Cereal Flakes to give your four-legged friend all the energy and dietary fibre that he needs. For all-round healthy nutrition.

Looking for variety
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  • Selected protein: 100% horse
  • With no grain, soya or added sugar
  • With added vitamin E to boost the immune system
  • Particularly suitable for dogs with food intolerances