Happy Dog Baby Starter (1.5 KG)

Dhs. 63.00

Happy Dog

Happy Dog Baby Starter –
High quality complete granular food for puppies in the weaning phase

An optimally composed puppy diet is the best basis for healthy development! Happy Dog Baby Starter contains high quality poultry and salmon along with nutritious New Zealand mussels in a recipe with 29% protein as recommended by vets. The fine granule structure is ideal for problemfree and gentle feeding in a puppy’s weaning phase from the 21st day. From 5 to 6 weeks, the puppy is then moved on to a suitable Happy Dog Baby product. The varied and balanced complete puppy food with the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept® reliably prevents signs of defi ciency. Species-appropriate puppy diet as Nature intended. Manufactured in Germany to strict quality standards.

  • Granule structure for the initial
      familiarisation with solid food
  • Mix with water or puppy milk
      to make a thin porridge
  • For puppies from 21 days
  • Gluten-free ingredients