Dhs. 67.00

Groom Professional

Natures Groom Deep Clean with Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo Nature's Groom is a natural, Vegan Society approved shampoos, conditioners and colognes with delightful organic extracts. The shampoos use a natural cleansing base, which will leave the coat clean, without stripping any natural, healthy oils from the coat. Each product has been thoroughly researched to ensure the formulations will suit the specific needs of every pet.

 This organic, natural shampoo is formulated for the pooch who needs a deep clean! Allow the citrus extracts of grapefruit and orange to remove dirt and grease naturally, while removing smelly odours. Will not strip the coat of its natural healthy oils. The dog’s coat will be soft, shiny and squeaky clean! Matching Body Spritz available. Extracts of grapefruit and orange Removed dirt, grease, and odours