Dhs. 63.33


Size: 20 Chews

To assist in the management and reduction of stress and anxiety. Should be used on a daily basis to assist dogs during times of stress such as travel, reloaction, seperation etc and/or to combat stress caused by noise pollution such as fireworks displays. Also useful for geriatric animals that suffer from night time stress and barking episodes.

- L-Tryptophan and Thiamine to assist in the management and reduction of stress and anxiety in companion canines.
- Non drowsy, non sedative action to help combat anxiety and stress naturally.
- Flavoured with fresh Australian Lamb, Chicken and Kangaroo, with no artifical binders, colours or flavours. Grain free.

Present to your dog as a tasty treat directly from the hand. Provide 1 chew per 10kg of bodyweight, daily. It is recommended dogs receive B-Calm on an ongoing basis for best results in anxiety and stress management. 1-5kg = half a chew, 5-10kg = 1 chew, 10-20kg = 2 chews, 20-30kg = 3 chews

L-tryptophan (125mg/2.5g chew), B Vitamin (thiamine 1mg/2.5g chew), kangaroo, ovine plasma, chicken, potato starch, sorbic acid, vegetable oil.